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MyMiniLife allows users to express their physical life on the web by creating virtual homes.

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MyMiniLife allows users to express their physical life on the web by creating virtual homes. The service also allows users to take photos of real life objects which they can then import into their online life.

Zynga officially announced the acquisition of MyMiniLife, whose technology supported FarmVille's rise to 6 million daily active uniques in a month and half

Farmville: http://www.developeranalytics.com/app.php?id=102452128776

Zynga's press release: http://zblog.zynga.com/?p=899

Really excited to let you know about coming to a close on our acquisition of MyMiniLife. Here's the bulk of the news, but we couldn't be happier. The MML team has been so awesome and we're happy to officially welcome them to the Zynga family!

Zynga Closes MyMiniLife Acquisition

Zynga (www.zynga.com), the largest developer of social games, today announced the closing of the acquisition of MyMiniLife, Inc., a social networking site that allows you to build and decorate environments. As part of Zynga's active growth strategy, the company is seeking to integrate the MyMiniLife staff and technology into Zynga's industry leading teams and technology.

"We're constantly looking for the highest quality talent and technology to help us build our business," said Mark Skaggs, VP and GM of Social RTS at Zynga. "The MyMiniLife technology and team is a perfect complement to the top notch teams here at Zynga."

Zynga currently has 20 million daily active users and 68 million monthly active users.

"We're very excited to join Zynga and help grow the business in any way we can," said Sizhao Yang, CEO of MyMiniLife. "We're looking forward to being an integral part of Zynga's leadership and growth moving forward, and are happy to have supported FarmVille's amazing success with MyMiniLife's technology."

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