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**Why do you require this extension:** Magento Physical Store Locator & Events Extension enables the shoppers to be up to date about the

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Why do you require this extension: Magento Physical Store Locator & Events Extension enables the shoppers to be up to date about the web store location as well as about upcoming events and suggested promotions. Online shopping is getting more and more popular. A lot of people are going to visit online store rather than a shopping mall. But they still need to visit physical stores; in turn, the latest have to keep up their business and attract new customers by using all available means. This extension has to offer an useful tool that will contribute to the retail store prosperity.

How it works: Physical Store Locator & Events Extension will integrate such features as search by zip code and location. The improved searching filters will bring better results that come with a map. Also the results can contain and display additional information and description for every retail store such as operation hours, contacts, special promotions and events. Such measures will bring more shoppers to the physical store; and they will get a great experience shopping indoors through the online services brought by Physical Store Locator & Events Extension. In order to utilize the extenison even more handy, it is supplied with user friendly interface and equipped with AJAX functionality, so now the search results are provided with no page reloads. Also there is a possibility to e-mail or print the address out. And one more very important thing that the extension can be easily CSS customized in order to match the online store design.

Features: * Search by location and zip * Search by improved searching filters * The results are delivered by map * The results may include operation hours, contacts, and available promotions * Possibility to print or e-mail the address * AJAX functionality: no page reloads for the results * Simple CSS personalization to fit the web store design * localization option with the language pack * Easy and quick installation * 15 day money back GUARANTEE * Meets Magento programming best practices * 100% open source