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**Why do you require this extension:** Magento Checkout Optimization Extension makes it possible to optimize the checkout process and

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Why do you require this extension: Magento Checkout Optimization Extension makes it possible to optimize the checkout process and decrease the total amount of abandoned carts. Average cart abandonment rate (and as a result, loss of income ) is over 60%. People abandon their shopping carts for a number of reasons: Shipping charges are unexpectedly high Need to compare prices before purchase Login Fatigue (checkout as guests option is missing) Window shoppers Bad Site Performance *Payment Errors/Bugs Of course, each web store owner would like to turn those 60% into the real shoppers.

How it works: Checkout Optimization Extension is supplied with functionality that makes the customer proceed with the order taking into account the aforementioned analysis. Through the admin panel the following notifications can be displayed: free shipping offer or return policy. Shopping cart becomes highly abandoned especially when the order total is low and shipping fee is approx. equal to the cart total. So this is necessary to offer free shipping feature when the order reaches some price and show the dollar amount remaining before free shipping. The extensions also suggests abandoned cart alerts and notifications functionality. Also "Out of stock" messages available in order to to avoid additional loss of sales. There is an option to display the current quantity of in-stock items on the product page (optional). Thus, it contributes to reducing any surprises for the shoppers when they go through the view cart page. Comparison Shopping – Many visitors are simply trying to compare pricing for products they’re considering. Such consumers are really not ready to purchase at the time of abandonment, but they've expressed interest around specific items what makes them very valuable prospects.

Features: * Option to display custom messages aimed at decreasing the cart abandonment * Option to establish abandoned cart alerts * Option to customize abandoned cart alerts templates * Option to recover the abandoned cart in one click * Smart cart abandonment alerts: stop once the order is paid * localization option with the language pack * Easy and quick installation * 15 day money back GUARANTEE * Meets Magento programming best practices * 100% open source

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