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Infinit is a fast and beautiful application that allows sending files of unlimited size in just a matter of seconds.

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Launched Date:
November, 2013

Infinit is a fast, elegant and unlimited file transfer application for creative people and digital artists.

We’re all makers, doers, builders and visionaries. The Internet is our sandbox and Infinit, is our plastic bucket. Let’s build a castle!

At heart we’re all kids. And kids like playing. Infinit is built so that you can focus on what matters – your art. Whether you’re playing with a 2-hour documentary or a presentation for your contemporary art class, clicking send is all the work you’ll ever have to do.

When you send a file with Infinit, we make sure that it’s secure. No other kids can touch your stuff. And it’s also super fast... It’s not a bird; it’s not a plane; and nope, it’s not Superman. It’s just Infinit.

Now go build that castle!

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