The status of this product is "Live"
Fit Advisor is a size recommendation solution for online clothing retailers. It is a complementary solution to the Fits.me Virtual Fitting

Product Details


Fit Advisor is a complementary solution to the Fits.me Virtual Fitting Room that provides fit information and recommendations without photography for upper body garments, dresses and trousers, including jeans. It is especially suitable for retailers with wide and/or shallow stock policies, or that add/remove stock lines with high frequency.

Fit Advisor invites the online shopper to provide a few, key, body measurements, but then simply asks the shopper whether he/she prefers to wear their clothes tight, with a ‘regular’ fit, or loose. If the shopper doesn’t know their measurements, they can enter their height, weight, age and body shape and we are able to calculate the remaining measurements that we need to accurately determine fit.

Our proprietary algorithms, using data that only we have, then recommend the size most likely to fit best, and to indicate where fit is likely to be comfortable, tight or loose. Crucially, Fit Advisor takes into account the ‘fit preferences’ given by the shopper, ensuring they get the fit they want.

Breakthrough technology developed by Fits.me means a retailer needs to provide measurements for only one size of garment in a range – there is no need to locate, aggregate and measure perhaps hundreds garments in each size – the ideal solution for retailers with wide, shallow stock and/or rapidly changing stockline.