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Facebook Connect allow users to connect their Facebook identity, friends and, privacy to any website.

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[Facebook](company/facebook) Connect allow users to "connect" their Facebook identity, friends and, privacy to any website. Facebook Connect has four primary features:

Trusted Authentication -- Anywhere during the user's experience that the developer would like to add social context, the user will be able to authenticate and connect their account in a trusted environment. The user will have total control of the permissions granted. This is a proprietary authentication mechanism, but is more streamlined than the existing method and will not require a redirect back to Facebook.

Real Identity -- Users can bring their real identity information with them wherever they go on the open Web, including: basic profile information, profile picture, name, friends, photos, events, groups, and more.

Friends Access -- Users will be able to take their friends with them wherever they go on the open Web. Developers will be able to add rich social context to their websites, and will be able to show which of their Facebook friends already have accounts on their sites.

Dynamic Privacy -- As a user moves around the open Web, their privacy settings will follow, ensuring that users' information and privacy rules are always up-to-date.

Facebook Connect is Facebook's first attempt to allow access to Facebook user data outside of Facebook itself. The company is describing it as giving third party applications access to much of the same data as Facebook applications have today.

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