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**DragonForce is a team collaboration application that provides:** *Command and Control *Shared Situational Awareness *Incident Management

Product Details


DragonForce is a team collaboration application that provides:

*Command and Control

*Shared Situational Awareness

*Incident Management

DragonForce can be used in many operations:

*Day-to-day policing, security and campus safety & first responder operations

*Specialized tactical and emergency response teams (SWAT, Hazmat, K-9, Bomb Squad, Disaster Response)

*Special event and emergency management

*Search & Rescue missions

Any operation requiring team tracking and coordination DragonForce operates on commercial devices:

*Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)

*Android app


*iPhone app (March 2013)

DragonForce uses commercial data networks:





DragonForce’s key features include:

*Real-time personnel tracking on maps

*Collaborative whiteboards and situation reports (images, maps, floor plans and diagrams can be used as collaborative whiteboards for mission planning and operations)

*Instant messaging among individuals and groups

*Online storage and sharing of frequently used files, maps and images

*After-action reporting - every message, location report and file is logged

DragonForce deployment options to meet your organization’s needs:

*In the Cloud, providing a secure and scalable solution

*In your IT infrastructure, inside your firewall and managed by your IT staff

DragonForce is extensible and customizable:

*Bring your existing data and systems into the DragonForce collaborative experience

*Inquire about integrating your GIS, CAD, RMS, IP camera systems with DragonForce

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