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**Why do you require this extension:** Magento Customer Shared Images Extension contributes to strengthening mutual relations with the

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Why do you require this extension: Magento Customer Shared Images Extension contributes to strengthening mutual relations with the potential customers or novices who is visiting the web shop, it increases customers fidelity and trust, adds user provided content, and introduces new product details so the other customers don't need anymore to search images at a third-party source. In fact, most of the users with a great pleasure share the page they have updated with their custom data (like images). Thus, the store gets a soft advertisement of its products.

How it works: The registered users are provided with enabled functionality to upload product images. This option and submission form can be found in the footer of the product pages. When the images are approved a customer can enlarge them by zooming into a lightbox. If multiple images are attached to the product, they will come as a slider. There is an option for the store manager to quickly set the image dimension value, edit the related text, as well as activate notifications of the just added customer images and there is a dropdown to choose an e-mail template for this notification. All the images are proceeded through a moderation interface - a special menu in the admin panel where image thumbnails, names, as well as product names with the related customer images are displayed. In order to navigate the images the special option is also implemented in the menu (sort by status: Live or New). And also there is "Actions" dropdown menu coming with two available options for moderating the customer images: "Go Live" or "Delete".

Features: * Registered customers are can upload and share their images * Back-end option to define image dimension, accompanying text, and notification e-mail * Possibility for the store admin to easily filter the images to live * The store admin gets effort-free option either to approve or delete the selected shared images * localization option with the language pack * Easy and quick installation * 15 day money back GUARANTEE * Meets Magento programming best practices * 100% open source