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**Why do you require this extension:** Magento Basic Loyalty Program Extension rises customers loyalty up by means of flexible discounts

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Why do you require this extension: Magento Basic Loyalty Program Extension rises customers loyalty up by means of flexible discounts which are based on the cost of made purchases. Always there is a possibility to increase the number of loyal shoppers. For instance, Reward/bonus points programs, various discounts, coupons and so forth. Also known fact that it is more advantageous to increase loyalty among the current and regular customers than attract new ones.

How it works: The store administrator is able to specify the discounts based on the whole amount of the purchased products. The admin determines what grand total is required to cause the 1st level of discounts as %. Starting from this point, all future customer purchases will get already pre-defined discount adapted to the products price only (shipping, taxes are not covered by the discount).

The discount rates are set up from the admin panel and can be unlimited: $1,000-$10,000 – 5% discount $10,001-$20,000 – 6% discount $20,001-$30,000 – 7% discount

After the extension has been enabled it activates a new tab on the account dashboard - "My Discounts" tab displaying the total price of customer purchases as well as current discount rate (%), the whole amount of saved funds (after the discount tier is achieved).

Features: * Back-end option to add discounts as % applied to the products price only * Back-end option to add unlimited discount tiers * Back-end option to enable e-mail notification and select e-mail template * Creates additional ‘My Discounts’ tab on the account page providing detailed discount statistics * Localization option with the language pack * Easy and quick installation * 15 day money back GUARANTEE * Meets Magento programming best practices * 100% open source

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