Primary Role
Engineer at Apportable
August 27, 1984

Person Details


Zac Bowling is jack-off-all-trades engineer living in San Francisco bay area. Zac Bowling has worked as a professional software developer since age 14 and is an award winning mobile developer with several apps in various app stores.

Before joining Apportable, Zac has developed for Texas Instruments,, doubleTwist, and SeatMe. He has participated in over 106 hackathons since 2007 and placed in or won half of them, which got him featured in Wired magazine in April 2012 and on the Dutch prime time television show DWDD University in May 2013.

In his free time, he’s a maintainer on the Growl Project and has contributed to dozens of open source projects and libraries, such as Mono, the Linux kernel, GNOME, and Chameleon.

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