Primary Role
Co-Founder at Farmigo
Tel Aviv University
March 21, 1972

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Yossi Pik heads the company's engineering and development. He has fond childhood memories of nursing his family's fruit trees (mango, pomegranate and guava) and eating the fruit directly from the trees. Today, while he claims to be a city boy, he makes sure that his family gets their weekly produce and eggs either from the Farmer's Market or directly from the farm.

Yossi believes that every meal should be enriched with vegetables. A green salad is served daily with his family's meals. Yossi now spends his free time training for marathons.

Yossi was most recently Vice President of development at SAP where he led a team of 60 people and was the primary inventor of several technological patents. Ever since graduating with a BA in Computer Science and Economics, over 12 years ago, he has been building software to make people more productive.

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