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March 15, 1982



Yoram Eliyahu

Real estate developer Yoram Eliyahu has come a long way from his roots. And yet, he has never fully abandoned them. Eliyahu was born in a small northern town, Kirat-Shmona, in Israel. Kirat-Shmona lies on the border of the country with Lebanon. While a youth in Israel, Eliyahu learned the values of hard work and dedication from his family.

After high school at a technology and electronics boarding school, two years of post-secondary study and three years of service with the Israel Defense Forces, Eliyahu made his way to the United States. He found himself visiting Crown Heights, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY with a large Orthodox Jewish community. There, he met the Rabbi Lubavitch Menachem Mendel Schneerson during a wine ceremony. The Rabbi had a profound impact on him, as did encountering members of the Chabad movement years earlier, during his service with the Israeli army.

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