Primary Role
Co-Founder at Birthday Alarm
Saint Marys College of California
San Francisco

Person Details


Xochi Birch was born in Los Angeles and raised in a small town outside of San Francisco, California. She met her husband, Michael Birch, while in London on a study abroad program while in college. They now have two beautiful children and claim they have never forgotten their children's birthday (so far).

In 1994, after Xochi and Michael were married, Xochi moved to London and began a career in the computing industry for an Insurance company. After having children and living outside of the United States for 8 years, Xochi and Michael decided to move to California. They have now settled in a small town not very far from her parents.

She was very enthusiastic when Michael began talking about a website that reminded people of birthdays and other special events. She believed many people, including her husband, could benefit from such a simple idea.

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