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Co-Founder at Founder2be

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Wolfgang is an award winning designer & UX guy, Co-Founder @ Founder2be, Sr UX Project Manager @ Nokia, former Director Design & UX @ Strands.

As Senior UX Project Manager at Nokia Wolfgang is heading the design of the Web Project Office for desktop & mobile. In addition he is co-founder of, one of the world's largest online services for finding co-founders with 30,000+ users. In his previous role as Director of Design & User Experience at Strands he was responsible for the design of Strands’ social media products and Strands Recommender.

Trained with a professional education in Germany and equipped with more than ten years of knowledge and experience, Wolfgang possesses extreme attention for detail and combined with his work at highest standards, he creates state-of-the-art designs and graphical user interfaces for maximum user experience.

Prior to joining Strands in March 2008 Wolfgang served more than four years with a media and communications agency in Germany, where he has been involved in many high-profile web-, multimedia, and print-projects for world-wide operating clients. He did not only lead many of the design projects but also lead the implementation of web content management systems and he eventually rose to the head of the design devision.

In 2005 Wolfgang founded mediatwister to provide design and consulting on project basis for internet, multimedia, print and more.

The work Wolfgang has been involved with as Lead Designer has been distinguished with several internationally recognized awards: - 'BlackBerry Partners Fund™ Developer Challenge for BlackBerry® Developers - Best in Show' Award 2008 - 'BlackBerry Partners Fund™ Developer Challenge for BlackBerry® Developers - 1st Place, Most innovative Multimedia Application' Award 2008 - 'GetJar “Up and Coming” App of the Year 2008'

Experience (8)

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    Senior UX Project Manager
    Mar, 2014
  • 5d96bca9905a1d9de0d39e1cead9ee06


    Senior Visual & UX Designer
    Apr, 2011 - Feb, 2014
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    Jan, 2011
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    Director of Design and User Experience
    May, 2009 - Jan, 2011
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    Mobile Designer
    Mar, 2008 - Apr, 2009
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    Founder & Creative Director
    Aug, 2005 - Feb, 2008
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    Absolute Media

    Design Lead
    Mar, 2005 - Jul, 2005
  • D9092114eeb42d1448f5284b98f56fd3

    Absolute Media

    Designer and Developer of Print- and Non-Print Media
    Mar, 2001 - Feb, 2005