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Owner at Seo Smooth Design
Full Sail University
October 12, 1985

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Web Designer, Web Developer, Internet Marketing and product improvement/UI connoisseur.

I have done freelance Web Design and Development since 1996 & search engine marketing/optimization and social media marketing/optimization since 2005.

Through my earlier years, went from the IT field with my CCNA (Cisco) certification, working for well known companies such as Cox Communications and smaller companies such as travel agencies. I'm a devout fan of the startups world and joined in around the mid 2000's freelancing by myself and with various Web Design, Development and Internet Marketing companies.

Eventually the freelancing grew into something more than just freelancing and the started a company called Seo Smooth Design. I have worked with hundreds of Windows and Linux servers, different Web site programming languages and everything related to the field.

After the burnout of running a company 70-110 hours a week for 5 years I decided to go back to the corporate world with 40 hour a week job at Destination Rewards and still maintain Seo Smooth on the side. I program emails in HTML and CSS and send them using a custom system that reach millions of people per week. I make emails compatible with all email clients and mobile email clients, making them as well as you possibly can with @Media CSS statements. I also do some SEO for Destination Rewards.

Internet Marketing, especially SEO, is my strong point. I feel great helping others grow their business through their websites with a lot of success.

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