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Vik is an entrepreneur, author, and free thinker. After Columbia University, he started his career as a brand manager at Red Bull where he learned consumer branding from a world-class team.

He was a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting, where he traveled the world streamlining supply chains, coaxing mergers, and enacting strategy.

He founded a beverage company, Star Power which was the first, only, and therefore biggest starfruit juice company in the US. He even published a book, Inspired.

After starting V Bespoke with Dave, he saw that there was a great need to make the lives of normal people much better simply by getting them clothes that fit -- a gift that then needed to be shared with the world.

In addition to thinking big thoughts, Vik loves a classic charcoal suit, often spiced up with jeans or a waistcoat.

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