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Vijay Krishnan is a founder of Infoaxe, a Web Memory Search Engine.

Vijay Krishnan received his Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University where his research focused on Data/Text/Web Mining, Machine Learning and Web Search. At Stanford, Vijay worked on applying Machine Learning to the problem of Named Entity Recognition, which is an important problem in Information Retrieval and Extraction. This led to a publication in the COLING-ACL 2006 proceedings. He also worked on the problem of web spam detection by analyzing hyperlinks, which led to a publication in the AirWeb workshop at SIGIR 2006.

Vijay worked at Yahoo! Inc in summer 2006 and briefly in 2007 and worked on the automated classification of queries, ads and webpages into large taxonomies with several thousand categories. Vijay developed novel methods for fast and accurate classification that were also extremely efficient by way of having a very small memory footprint thereby making them very easy to load into main memory and deploy. He has filed a patent for the same titled "Method for Efficiently Building Compact Models for Large Multi-Class Text Classification". His classifiers substantially improved on the existing systems at Yahoo and in turn led to improvements in many products related to Search Relevance, Data Insights, Advertisement Matching and targeting.

Vijay received his Undergraduate and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. His research thesis on Automated Question Answering was published at HLT-EMNLP 2005, while his work on mathematical modeling of document corpora modeling was published at SIGIR 2005. His research on Privacy Preserving Data Mining was published at DASFAA 2004.

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