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Sales Director at TechCrunch, Marketing Manager at Bolt Inc, See All (5)
Boise State University, USF, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
December 27, 1971

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Vaughn Brown, a Media and Marketing Specialist, is focused on helping brands integrate their messages into audience platforms in an engaging and meaningful way.

Vaughn started his career in the music business, working in tour marketing and artist development for EMI and Virgin Records in New York City. As the music business began to change due to disruptions in the traditional distribution channels, Vaughn sought change too - leveraging his marketing knowledge in a different environment: the Internet.

His interest took him through several start-ups in the New York area, most notably which was founded by Dan Pelson and Aaron Cohen. Riding the Boom, Vaughn was involved in both sales and marketing at the pre-IPO company. After the Crash, he sought refuge in larger media and marketing organizations including IMG, Premedia and IDG, where he was a top performer helping to grow InfoWorld's online media business by working with clients like Microsoft, HP, Dell, Oracle and many others.

Vaughn is now at TechCrunch, relishing in the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is growing quickly and that has struck a chord with an audience who is changing face of computing as we know it.

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