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CEO & Founder at Racca Associates
Northeastern University

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Tom Racca is the CEO & Founder of Racca Associates, LLC.

Racca Associates was founded in November of 2005 with the goal of helping business owners and CEOs of emerging companies. During his career, Tom has relied on the advice and wisdom of his mentors. He recognized having someone to talk with and provide hands-on assistance can be the difference between success and failure. Racca Associates was created to be that SERVICES HOME ABOUT US CONTACT NEWS Tom has over 25 years experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Product Development, Customer Service and General Management. His business approach is hands-on and focused on practical, workable advice that produces measurable results. Trusted Business Advisor to the entrepreneur. Having built several companies that have gone public or been acquired, he has a unique perspective and understands the challenges faced by the business Owner and CEO.

In his career, Tom has proven success leading organizations and activities in the areas of business strategy, optimizing business operations, sales and marketing. He has also raised or helped raise investments of over $100 Million for his own or client companies.

Tom has been accredited by the Institute of Independent Business and brings his proven business credentials to each client relationship – working hand-in-hand with owners and entrepreneurs to optimize the performance and profitability of their business.

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