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Co-founder at Genius
Yale University

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Originally from Miami, Tom Lehman attended Yale University where he was best friends with Mahbod and Ilan. He majored in Ethics, Politics, Economics, Mathematics and Philosophy... 5 majors. (Just kidding – it's actually just two joint majors).

Tom wrote his senior thesis on Kelo v. The City of New London, a seminal Supreme Court ruling on Eminent Domain (but if you read the paper you'll find it wasn't thaaaaat seminal). Though his passion for takings almost took him to law school, in the end he opted for money rather than justice and worked at the hedge fund of David E. Shaw, where he learned to code... so it was a good choice.

He went on to build Rap Genius and is often referred to as the "swagged out Mark Zuckerberg" by the press.

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    Yale University

    Ethics, Politics, Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy
    Jan 1, 2006