September 3, 1969

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Tom Laine is a social media, crowdsourcing and start-up specialist, current company involvements include; CEO, Co-Founder @ Innopinion Ltd Oy; Co-Founder, Principal Consultant @ HC Services Oy (social media consulting, authoring); Co-Founder, Board Member @ Encompass Solutions Oy; Co-Founder, Chairman @; Founder, Host @ GameSpring Oulu

Other involvements include e.g.; - Board Member at Fantastec (2014- ) - ext. positions at Marketing, PR and strategy @ IndoorAtlas (2013), and ext-Business Development Director @ Joberate (2011). - CEO positions at Multi Solution Oy (2011-2012), BI-IT Solutions Oy (2009-2011), and Teikit Oy (1999-2004), - Co-Founder of and involvement in BI-IT Solutions Ltd Oy (2009-2011 sold to VMP Group), Teikit Oy (1999-2004 sold, MBO), Luonto-Suomi Oy (2003-2006 sold, MBO), Green Innovation (2001-2003 sold, MBO), Nuuse Solutions (1999-2000 shut down).

Additionally Tom has worked as an employee for a handful of companies in the past; Finland: ElanIT Nordics/Manpower Group Denmark: Oracle Nordics UK: Templeton & Partners Ltd, Huntress Search, Executive Net

Tom has studied 3 B.Sc./college level degrees in; IT, Marketing, and Sales. His background in IT and social media started already with the first startup in 1999, but took a more International turn with research projects supported by first Nokia in Finland and later Siemens in Denmark, followed by International management position at Oracle in Denmark before heading to London City and the staffing and contracting side of IT industry. There he made his mark with some of the fastest growing specialist staffing agencies before moving to Finland in a remote work position for a London-based staffing agency. After years of following the market and working for a number of companies, he started his own agency in Finland in 2009, only to be sold to the market leading recruitment concern less than a year later, leaving Tom as the CEO of the daughter company until fully exiting and selling his minority shares in February 2011. After running his own consultancy for a while, he was recruited as the turn-around CEO for Multi Solution Oy for a 10-month period in 2011-2012, after which he again started a new startup Innopinion, where he acts as the CEO at present.

Additionally Tom's background includes 5 publications in the field of Innovations, IPRs, and social media, and he has been involved in several start-ups varying from mobile software to environmental consulting and from web shops to Social Media consulting. Tom has been recognized as one of the top social networkers locally, and has been giving lectures and public speaking engagements about using Social Media to support sales, marketing and recruitment across Finland, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, and the UK.

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