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cofounder / CEO @ Dash Hudson
1 Investment in 1 Company
September 24, 1979

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Thomas is the cofounder and CEO of Dash Hudson, the first mobile platform for personalized men’s style. Dash Hudson combines the traditions of the men’s lifestyle magazine and the haberdashery, providing a new generation of young male shoppers with the advice, selection and efficiency they want, all in one place.

Every brand on Dash Hudson is curated by our expert Style Editor community and is purchasable through a single mobile cart.

Thomas is a former early-stage venture capitalist who, as a 30-year-old partner, raised a $25m seed fund and coinvested with industry leaders like Peter Thiel and Vinod Khosla. Thomas is leveraging a life-long passion for men’s clothing that runs deep into his past. Five generations ago his family ran the Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada. Thomas has an MBA and a CPA and is a graduate of the American Venture Capital Institute.

Thomas likes to run fast and is obsessed with ensuring his daughter gets Star Wars references.

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