Primary Role
Co-Founder, Coaching and Content @ Kurbo Health
San Jose State University

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For over 15 years, Thea has worked in the healthcare industry for both private and public companies and has worked with hundreds of adults, children and families to create and support healthy environments at home, schools and in the community.

As the Lead Behavior Coach at the Packard Pediatric Weight Control Program (PPWCP) at Stanford, Thea has helped over 600 children and their families create healthy environments and lose weight.

Additionally, Thea was the Wellness Coordinator for the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District managing a million dollar grant to implement a Coordinated School Health Program for the 7 school, 3500 student district.

In July 2013, Thea co-founded an innovative, venture backed startup to create mobile and web based tools that will help millions of families make healthier choices and live healthier lives.

Thea is a certified group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, soccer coach, runner, activist for healthy communities, and mom to 3 daughters.

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