Primary Role
Founder/CEO/Chairman at IZEA

Person Details


Edward ‘Ted’ Murphy is a dynamic serial entrepreneur who has founded six companies since 1994. Today he is Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, of IZEA, the global leader of social media sponsorship. Largely considered the pioneer of SMS, Ted’s vision for democratizing content and influencer compensation is now a reality in most marketing strategies, from top brands and agencies to small businesses.

Ted’s grown the IZEA network to 850,000 registered influencers in 147 countries and 50,000 registered advertisers. The company has successfully completed more than three million social media sponsorships across five platforms: Staree, IZEA Media, WeReward, SponsoredTweets and SocialSpark. Under Ted’s leadership, IZEA became publicly traded in May 2011.

IZEA works with dozens of entertainment agencies and celebrities and has worked with them to complete numerous sponsored photos, tweets and blogs, where stars are compensated thousands of dollars for a single post.

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