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CCO/Co-Founder at Simple Lifeforms
University College Dublin

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Tadhg is a senior video game designer, producer and creative director.

Tadhg has held roles at various video game development, technology and publishing companies. Since the early 90s, Tadhg has worked on all sorts of game projects, from boardgames and live action roleplaying games through to multi-million dollar PC projects. He has served as lead designer, senior producer and a number of other roles at several companies including BSkyB, Lionhead and Climax.

Tadhg is also a published games industry commentator, having been featured in several key industry publications. He is also a noted blogger.

Tadhg spends his time working with Simple Lifeforms defining our vision for social game-play, designing our signature social games and consulting for various video game development companies on their game development and design strategies.

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