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Sr. Content Strategist at LEVEL Studios, Sr. Content Producer, Front Page at Yahoo!, See All (3)



For more than 13 years, I've worked with entertainment (Yahoo, The Hollywood Reporter, Buzzmedia), e-commerce (Outlook Amusements), consumer electronics (DirecTV), finance (Ticker, Individual Investor) and healthcare industry (Loma Linda Medical Center) clients to create and implement content strategies that clearly communicate the core values of their brand.

I've led teams of content producers, packaging content, crafting strategies, QA, CMS content migration, e-newsletter creation, social media branding strategies, content roadmap conceptions, HTML template creation, managing workflows, approval processes and scheduling the right mix of content.

I advocate for a simple yet elegant User Experience that resonates with the customer's needs and the company's vision. The persistent question, “What’s in it for me?” has driven and continues to drive strategic goals. As a senior content producer... See More

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    Tech Editor
    Sep, 2003 - Jul, 2004
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    Sr. Content Producer, Front Page
    Jun, 2007 - Nov, 2008
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    LEVEL Studios

    Sr. Content Strategist
    Jan 3, 2011