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Board Director at Conduit Labs, Co - Founder / CEO at Ohai, See All (5)
Cornell University, Tufts University



Susan Wu is the Advisor of .

She is also a Founding Partner at the Obvious Corporation.

Previously she was the cofounder and CEO of ohai, a games company dedicated to creating the world's first massively social online games.

She was formerly principal and venture advisor at Charles River Ventures. While at CRV, some of the firm's investments she was involved in include Twitter, Conduit Labs (acquired by Zynga), Metaplace (acquired by Playdom/Disney), and LiveGamer. Susan is currently an active angel investor and advisor to emerging startups such as Square and Mixer Labs/GeoAPI (acquired by Twitter.)

Susan was formerly CMO of Apache Software Foundation, one of the world's leading open source software organizations. She began her career as the chief architect of an early text Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) and was active in online gaming as a competitive Quake player and a key... See More

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