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Sunil guides Sidecar’s vision and values. He is a veteran entrepreneur, a champion of climate reform and a disruptor of the status quo. Sunil’s passion to reinvent transportation dates back over a decade. In 2011, Sunil successfully lobbied the California legislature to pass a law that allowed for peer-to-peer car sharing. Similar laws have since been adopted in Oregon and Washington. In 2002, Sunil was issued a patent (now held by Sidecar) in regards to the use of smartphones for coordinating transportation.

As partner at Spring Ventures, Sunil coined the term “cleanweb” to describe the application of social, mobile, and Internet media to accelerate cleantech deployment and restructure sectors as diverse as hotels, buildings and automobiles. Sidecar is the realization of Sunil’s cleanweb vision.

Sunil also co-founded and led Brightmail, the leading anti-spam company later sold to Symantec, and FreeLoader, the first web based push technology service.

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