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Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Rizvi Traverse Management
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Suhail Rizvi is the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Rizvi Traverse Management and related entities. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and serves on the school's Executive Board.

Rizvi serves as a Partner at Emerald Venture Capital. Previously he was a Financial Analyst at MIG Companies as well as Founder and Principal at Suntel, Inc. He has also held various roles as Chairman or Director at JN Industries, R and C Technology, Ziegler Lotsoff Capital Management, the Avatar Group, and Innovo Group Inc.

In 1995, Rizvi bought the Telephone Manufacturing division of the Puerto Rican phone company and boosted its annual revenue from $10 million to $450 million in the process.

Suhail Rizvi has quietly amassed a stake of more than 15 percent in the real-time information network Twitter for himself and his investors. He was supposedly a matchmaker between Twitter's founders and global financiers, and has an elusive web presence.

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