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Founder @ ALS Guardian Angels
September 14, 1970
San Juan Capistrano

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Stu, Stuart, Stu Millheiser, Stuart Millheiser

Stuart Millheiser was born in a rough-and-tough neighborhood in New York. Through years of hard work and dedication, he rose up to become the owner of a pharmaceutical company in America. He decided to sell the company in the early 2000's. His intention was to take up golf and travel the world. As the story goes, Stuart stepped out onto the golf course and swung and missed the ball on the tee. Over the course of the next 18 holes, Stuart realized golf wasn't his passion in life. A few years later Stuart's daughter mentioned she had a friend in high school who's (ex-Marine) dad had ALS. She asked Stu to see if he could help, and within a week ALS Guardian Angels charity was born. The charity is a 501(c)(c) and ALL donations go directly towards people with ALS. Stuart does not take a salary and he fronts the cost of running the charity through his own pocketbook. Stuart is constantly on the hunt for people and organizations to donate to his charity. Please reach him via the contact info on this page.

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