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Founder and CEO at OnLive



Steve Perlman, OnLive founder, president & CEO, is an entrepreneur and inventor devoted to pioneering Internet, entertainment, multimedia, consumer electronics and communications technologies and services. Best known for the development of QuickTime®, WebTV® and Mova® Contour® facial capture technologies, he has over 30 years of technology development experience, 19 years of start-up experience and a track record of bringing media-rich products and services quickly to market. In addition to having founded and operated multiple startup companies, Steve has been a Microsoft division president and a principal scientist at Apple Computer.

Steve's technology work is built into all iPhones, video iPods, Macs and most PCs, and has been deployed by DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter and Adelphia cable TV and satellite TV networks. Consumer products incorporating Steve's work have also been retailed by Sony,... See More

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