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Steve is a Senior Software Engineer at Google. He works on the Chrome OS team where he contributes to Chrome Sync and other browser features. Prior to his work on Chrome, Steve worked on the iGoogle team finding new ways to reduce web application latency as well as launching OpenSocial integration.

Prior to Google, Steve was a Senior Software Engineer at Songbird working on developing an open source iTunes competitor. He lead the design and implementation of the Songbird Media Library infrastructure, worked on the application's user interface as well as the media playback pipeline.

His experience includes working as the lead engineer on product development as well as back end server configuration and infrastructure.

Steve was an early hire at startups and

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    Member of Technical Staff - Software Engineer
    Apr, 2008 - Sep, 2010
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    Software Engineer
    Jul, 2006 - Apr, 2008
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    Senior Developer
    Aug, 2003 - Jun, 2006
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    Senior Developer
    Jan, 1999 - Feb, 2001
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    CTO & Co-Founder

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