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CTO & Co-founder at Spotsetter
University of Pennsylvania

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At Google Maps: Created a distributed web testing framework in pure Javascript (used extensively for Google Maps and Google Adwords, deployed on para-virtualized OSes and all browsers).

Created an automated stock trading platform in OCaml with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed. 10+ years of working experience with OCaml, including his doctoral research and his projects at Microsoft Research. OCaml, in short, is as fast as C, as safe as Java, and as easy as Python.

Created a programming language and compiler with minimal syntax and semantics for beautiful code. Created a Java 5 prototype compilers and a Generalized LR parser generator in OCaml.

PhD degree from UPenn, and published 8 papers at the top conferences / journals including IEEE Security & Privacy, ACM TOPLAS, and ACM ICFP.

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