October 29, 1982

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Stas Kulesh is the owner and Creative Director of Sliday, an Auckland based website and app development company. Since forming Sliday with his business partner, David Kravitz, Stas has designed websites and apps for numerous international corporations, including Mars, Facebook, Discovery Channel, and Kaspersky. Sliday collaborate closely with BBDO as well as several other smaller agencies.

Stas has a vast range of experience in the IT industry, having held the position of Lead Web Designer for a period of seven years in a number of companies in New Zealand. Prior to this he worked as a graphic designer for several years.

Stas is also an award winning photojournalist, with credits including BBC Russia and Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures. He studied Physics and Computer Science in Novosibirsk State University.

In 2011 Stas launched, a web app for image aggregation based on RSS feeds.

In 2012 Stas launched Design Bartr, a web based platform for freelance graphic designers.