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Co-Founder & CTO @ Open Garden
October 1, 1973

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Stanislav Shalunov is an Internet architect who designed the new congestion control in BitTorrent (uTP/LEDBAT). In the beginning of 2011 he co-founded Open Garden. Open Garden connects smartphones and other devices into a self-organizing and self-optimizing mesh network. This peer-to-peer network improves users' coverage and speed.

In 2000-2006, Stanislav was with Internet2, where he chaired the transport working group, led the open source initiative, and did seminal work in evaluating Quality of Service technologies, which proved to be of significant value to a broad coalition, including Internet2, which promoted net neutrality in policy discussions in Washington. His insights were very helpful to the debate, and provided the foundation for Internet2's arguments made before the Senate Commerce Committee.

Stanislav is a mathematician by training.

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