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Founder & Chief Safety Officer @ bSafe
Norwegian School of Economics
July 24, 1978

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Silje is the founder of Bipper, a multiple award winning mobile safety company, Norwegian Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, European Ambassador for Female Entrepreneurship, and a sought after speaker on entrepreneurship and the mother of three children.

Her recent product bSafe - an easy to use GPS-based mobile safety alarm - hit #1 in her homeland of Norway only a few weeks after launch, and in 2012 she will be expanding her company internationally. Where bSafe is positioned for everyone wanting that extra safety when walking alone, BipperKids is a parental control service enabling parents to monitor, define and control how their kids can use their phone. It also includes a GPS location service and a safety alarm.

When Silje founded Bipper, she had no background from technology or mobile. She was the true idealist who since the young age of 14 had been working internationally with starting up idealistic projects and organizations. She was a profiled youth representative at various international conferences, and had been debating and working with people like The Dalai Lama, Hillary Clinton, President Frederick Willem De Klerk and Dame Anita Roddick.

She imagined her career to be with the United Nations, and entering the business world - not to mention the world of technology - had been unimaginable to her until that day when a six year old neighbor girl came over for a play-date with her daughter bringing her own mobile phone. That day things changed, and Silje started the journey leading up to her launch of BipperKids with European operators in the fall of 2010 and bSafe fall 2011.

She is now a tech mom, wife and everlasting idealist all in one – determined to make a difference in the world while creating a successful business.

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    Founder & Chief Safety Officer
    Jan 1, 2008

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