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Managing Partner at AngelPrime
Co - Founder - HP at Snapfish, Intern - India at Boston Consulting Group, See All (4)
Stanford University, Harvard Business School, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago



IIT engineer. Stanford computer scientist. Harvard MBA. Entrepreneur. Business leader. Though there are many ways to begin to describe Shripati, he's best known by friends and colleagues for being astute with a razor sharp intellect and yet charmingly unassuming and accessible, with a zen-like devotion to data driven decision-making.

Shripati has combined a passion to build great teams and an extraordinary desire to excel along with a keen eye for spotting the tales that numbers tell through his career - be it as a lead for one of Cisco's most successful switching product lines or as the business head for Cisco's education initiative or as a co-founder of Snapfish, the world's largest photo site, acquired by Hewlett Packard, or at Transarc, which was acquired by IBM, not to mention the stint working alongside Mr. Nandan Nilekani on the UIDAI project.

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