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Sean is a v1-stage entrepreneur and investor in the messaging, communication, network security and cloud applications space.

In 2014, Sean formed Awassee, an tech incubator for his venture concepts, currently in stealth development. In 2005, Sean formed Periscan, a pioneer security-software-as-a-service company. Periscan was a managed security software company specializing in VISA/Mastercard PCI Compliance, and acquired by Catbird Networks in 2006.

Joining in 2006 as an early employee at Barracuda Networks (NYSE:CUDA), Sean was Barracuda's first product manager, drove the Barracuda Web Filter, launched, built, and acquired technology for the Barracuda Load Balancer, Link Balancer, SSL-VPN, and CudaTel - including building sales and engineering teams, defining product functions and features.

Sean also drove and built the Barracuda Ann Arbor R&D center, the development site for the Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Backup Service and a large portion of the Barracuda technical support workforce - which became a catalyst for Ann Arbor's tech corridor development. In 2012, Sean built Barracuda's social channel and content engine, which drove 9M views to original YouTube content, 250k likes to Facebook, and a content strategy which gave regular presence to all social channels, widely respected as the most successful Tech B2B social effort of the year.

During Sean's active tenure, CUDA grew from 100 employees to over 1200, and in Nov 2012 CUDA launched an IPO campaign using Sean's messaging. Sean currently advises executive teams on strategy and participates in special initiatives to further enhance shareholder value.

In Sean's teens, he served as an IT security consultant for a regional accounting firm, auditing many banks, universities, and businesses throughout the Great Lakes and served as IT director for an $80M/yr agricultural cooperative and ISP (Rural-Net). Also while in high school, Sean was critical in the foundation of ShiaNet, a community ISP sold to Earthlink (ELNK) and in 2000, started Owosso Networks, a web hosting provider sold to ITS in 2001.

Sean resides in Ann Arbor and spends much of his time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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