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Co-Founder & Partner at The Pramana Collective

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Sean Garrett co-founded The Pramana Collective in 2013 with former Facebook and Skype heads of comms. The Pramana Collective is a consultancy focused on helping companies face important communications opportunities and challenges.

The Pramana Collective was founded after Garrett's stint as Twitter’s first communications VP. Garrett created, built and led Twitter's comms team from 2009 to 2011. During this time, the company grew from 24 million users and 70 employees to more than 100 million active users and 700 employees. TechCrunch called his team "the best in-house tech PR team in the business” in late 2011.

Before Garrett joined Twitter, his career spanned from serving in the California governor's communications office; working on Lithuania's first free post-war parliamentary election; pitching the arrival of Chiquita bananas to Russians; helping oil companies prepare for oil spills; battling trial lawyers over legal reform; forming (in 1997) and supporting the tech industry's first political organization (TechNet); running comms for in the dot com era; consulting in the enterprise tech world; and, co-founding a public affairs and corporate communications consultancy (463 Communications) and co-leading efforts there for five years.

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