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VP Product at PLASTIQ
Director of Product Design at HubSpot, Lead Product Designer at Abuzz Technologies, See All (5)
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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I’m an artist and designer by nature. I don’t prescribe to any particular medium or style. I simply find great pleasure in making things that either move people or add to the experience of their lives in some way, fleeting or otherwise.

Since graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1999 I've been involved in an eclectic set of experiences creating a wide range of products and services. Some of those years were spent in the major motion picture industry where I feverishly designed sets, props and drew storyboards. A majority of those years have been spent within tech start-ups using my creative skills and strategic talents for guiding and building business through the products and services I create.

Specialties:The process of creative development and execution that leads to thoughtful and valuable design. An eclectic mix of professional experience has helped me develop a deep understanding of the creative process from a fundamental perspective.

More specifically; Product Leadership, User Research and Synthesis, User Experience, Interaction Design, Product Strategy, Market and Business Development, front-end development, and... getting shiz done!

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