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CEO at Camco Clean Energy
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August 10, 1956

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Scott McGregor is the CEO & CTO & Founder of SoundFit.

He is an Entrepreneur, Technologist and Product Designer.

He has held roles as CEO, COO, CTO, Chief product strategist, VP of Engineering and VP of Product Development at several silicon valley start-ups, and has held senior engineering management roles at Hewlett-Packard, Sybase and Intuit.

Of the many innovations that McGregor has pioneered, it is his co-invention of Web Conferencing which product strategist and experience designer at PlaceWare that has probably touched the most lives, as it has been reported that Web Conferencing in one form or another has been used by over 1 Billion people since its invention in 1998.

Other technical accomplishments that McGregor has received recognition for include his invention of Prescient Agents, an early for of anticipatory user assistance, and the SWIFT Design Method for new product innovation.

McGregor has unusual breadth for a technologist, having developed products and services for Networking, Computer Aided Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Web Conferencing, Predictive Analytics, Streaming Video, Software Authoring tools for non-programmers, Digital Photo Editing, Web Advertising, Mobile Apps, and 3D Custom Manufacturing.

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