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Senior Vice President, YouTube and Haber Video @ YouTube

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Salar Kamangar is senior vice president of YouTube and video. Before that, he was the vice president of Google's web applications, including Gmail, Talk, Calendar, Reader, Orkut, Blogger, Picasa, Video, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Checkout. Previously, he was vice president of product management for Google's advertising and monetization products, including the AdWords program, which he defined with a small engineering team. Today, AdWords is the foundation for Google's syndication on partner sites and serves as the engine that drives Google's revenue. Prior to that, Salar created the company's first business plan and was responsible for its legal and finance functions. From there, he became a founding member of Google's product team, where he worked on consumer projects including the acquisition of DejaNews and the subsequent launch of Google Groups.

Salar earned his bachelor's degree in biological sciences with honors from Stanford University.

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    Senior Vice President, YouTube and Haber Video
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    Senior Vice President, YouTube and Video