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CEO at Weatherista

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Saji is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive bringing 14 plus years credentials and experience to the digital media, mobile, social, and emerging media space. His experiences spans across all areas of digital and emerging media. Flipped Weatherista, a mobile weather and fashion platform to Kalpa IP. Additional exits include gBox, social and mobile media gifting solution to Omnicom, SkyWorld to Blackstone Private Equity, Fiabra to Amstor Global Pvt., and numerous others.

Saji has held key positions as CEO/Board of Weatherista (decision engine and weather/fashion platform, Advising COO to Liiv (startup focusing on natural and holistic online and mobile health), CEO/Board of CopaCast (hyper-targeting based ad network), SVP Business & Corporate Development of gBox (social and mobile media gifting provider), SVP of International and Industry Development of PlayPhone (global mobile content dilevery platform), COO/President of SkyWorld (interactive platform focusing on online and mobile engagements, sold to a PE firm), various other startups as an executive: m-Qube (sold to Verisign $280MM), Fiabra (CRM startup sold to Amstor Global).

Saji also is an investor under Anicca Ventures and holds several board member and advisory roles.

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