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San Jose State University, BS
Political Science

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Ron Conway

Ronald Conway has been an active angel investor for over 15 years. He was the Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds (1998-2005) whose investments included: Google, Ask Jeeves, Paypal, Good Technology, Opsware, and Brightmail.

Ron was previously with National Semiconductor Corporation in marketing positions from 1973-1979, and Altos Computer Systems as a co-founder, President and CEO from 1979-1990. He eventually took Altos public in 1982 and served as CEO of Personal Training Systems (PTS) from 1991-1995. PTS went on to be acquired by SmartForce/SkillSoft. Ron has served/serves on Boards/Advisory Boards including: Twitter, Digg, Brightmail, Ask Jeeves, Rupture (acquired by EA), Associated Content(acquired by Yahoo!), Facebook, RockYou, ScanScout, Zappos, Trulia, StumbleUpon, Plaxo (acquired by Comcast), Photobucket (acquired by Fox), and Anchor Intelligence (co-founder).

Ron was recently named #6 in Forbes Magazine Midas list of top “deal-makers” in 2008 and is actively involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. Ron is Vice Chairman of the UCSF Medical Foundation in SF, Board Member of The Tiger Woods Foundation, and SF Homeless Connect, and on the Benefit Committee of Ronald McDonald House, College Track, and the Blacked Eyed Peas-PeaPod Academy Foundation.

Conway is also featured in Gary Rivlin’s book The Godfather of Silicon Valley: Ron Conway and the Fall of the Dot-coms, described as ‘the man who has placed more bets on Internet start-ups than anyone else in Silicon Valley.’

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Brigade Media 4/2014Venture Round$9.3M3
Medium 1/2014Series A$25M13
Ozy Media 12/2013Seed$5.4M5
Grokker 12/2013Series A$5.5M4
Data Elite 10/2013Seed5
Aisle50 8/2013Series A$2.6M6
Watsi 7/2013Seed$1.2M9
Datahug 5/2013Series A$4M5
Rewarder 8/2012Series A$7M7
ClassDojo 1/2012Seed$1.6M15
Aisle50 1/2012Venture Round$2.6M10
Wishbone.org 1/2012Grant2
Ark 11/2011Seed$250k5
Datahug 10/2011Seed$1.5M2
Stitcher 9/2011Series C$10M4
Beautylish 9/2011Angel$1M5
Domo 5/2011Angel$10M15
AddThis 5/2011Series D$20M9
Pinterest 5/2011Series A$10M7
Flipboard 4/2011Series B$50M9
Offermatic 3/2011Series A$4.5M3
ContextLogic 3/2011Angel$1.7M12
dotCloud 2/2011Angel$800k10
1000memories 2/2011Series A$2.52M8
Friend.ly 1/2011Series A$5M12
Chloe & Isabel 1/2011Seed$3.25M10
Circle Inc 1/2011Angel$1M14
Svpply 11/2010Seed$550k5
Lionside 11/2010Series A$1.6M3
BetterWorks (Closed) 11/2010Seed$2.5M2
SavingStar 8/2010Series A$2.3M7
Magnetic 6/2010Series A$4M4
PhoneTell 5/2010Angel$1M4
TweetDeck 5/2010Series B$3.5M8
BuzzFeed 5/2010Series B$8M8
Stack Exchange 5/2010Series A$6M10
Optimizely 3/2010Angel$1.2M21
Chomp 3/2010Series A$2M4
Vook 2/2010Seed$2.5M7
Yammer 2/2010Series B$10M6
Top Prospect 2010Seed7
Cardpool 1/2010Seed17
Kno 12/2009Series A$7.5M3
Gowalla 12/2009Series B$8.29M10
fotopedia 12/2009Series A$1.1M7
SimpleGeo 11/2009Seed$1.47M15
Square 11/2009Series A$10M19
JustSpotted 10/2009Seed$750k5
Thing Labs 10/2009Series A$2.09M5
ScanScout 10/2009Series B$8.5M5
Bump Technologies 10/2009Series A$3.4M7
Fluther 9/2009Seed$600k7
Factery 9/2009Venture Round$1.2M2
Sofa Labs 9/2009Series A$1.2M11
Inadco 9/2009Series A$5M2
Vidly 8/2009Angel$500k1
BookFresh 7/2009Seed$500k5
Typekit 6/2009Venture Round8
Motally 6/2009Series A$1.25M3
OpenSky 5/2009Series A$5M3
Home-Account 4/2009Series A$1M9
Asana 4/2009Angel$1.2M13
Bitly 3/2009Series A$2M14
Luminate 3/2009Series A$5.75M8
Y Combinator 3/2009Venture Round$2M4
Rockmelt 2/2009Seed$1.68M5
Global Fitness Media 1/2009Series A2
Eventbrite 12/2008Series A$1.5M13
Lolapps 9/2008Series A$4M3
Triporati 8/2008Venture Round$6M5
Sharethrough 8/2008Seed$1M4
Knewton 5/2008Series A$2.5M10
PurePlay 5/2008Series C$15M3
EQAL 4/2008Series A$5M7
Salesforce Buddy Media 4/2008Series B$6.5M5
Kickball Labs 3/2008Seed$200k1
Kanjoya 2/2008Series AC$900k1
betaworks 1/2008Series A$7.5M4
Mill River Labs 1/2008Angel$900k4
Pownce 1/2008Angel2
AppNexus 12/2007Angel$2.5M7
Seesmic 11/2007Series A$6M13
Twitter 7/2007Series A$5M10
Rupture 7/2007Angel$3M6
Kyte 7/2007Series A$2.25M4
Thoof 6/2007Seed$1M2
Ooyala 6/2007Series A$1.5M1
DanceJam 5/2007Angel$1M8
Weebly 5/2007Angel$650k5
CastTV 4/2007Series A$3.1M3
Yardbarker Network 4/2007Seed6
TrialPay 2/2007Series A$3.1M8
PBworks 2/2007Venture Round$2.1M3
Platial 2/2007Series A$2.6M7
SodaHead 1/2007Series A$4.25M3
Anchor Intelligence 1/2007Series A$2M8
Bring Light 12/2006Angel2
Mint.com 11/2006Angel$750k4
Monitor110 11/2006Series C$11M4
imeem 10/2006Seed$750k5
PBworks 9/2006Angel$350k3
Rapleaf 6/2006Angel6
Radar Networks 4/2006Series A$5M5
Vizu Corporation 2/2006Series A$1M6
Zooomr 2/2006Angel$50k1
CastTV 1/2006Angel1
Edgeio 1/2006Angel$1.5M6
Weplay 1/2006Angel$870k4
StumbleUpon 12/2005Seed$1.5M4
Aster Data Systems 11/2005Angel$1M5
Platial 10/2005Angel$800k6
Digg 10/2005Series A$2.8M8
Odeo 8/2005Series A17
Simply Hired 8/2005Series A$3M7
Become 8/2005Series B$7.2M4
Loomia 6/2005Seed$1M7
Kaboodle 3/2005Series A$1.5M9
PureVideo Networks 1/2005Angel1
Snocap 1/2002Angel1
Answers Corporation 4/1999Series B$1.36M5
Hipbone 3/1999Angel$750k4



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