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CTO @ KineMotion Health
Oberlin College
February 19, 1968

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A 20 year veteran of the game industry, with experience programming on over 12 platforms, multiple languages and development environments, Robert has shipped over 100 titles, working with dozens of development teams.

As Senior Audio Specialist and Programmer at Electronic Arts (6 years) and prior to that, Manley and Associates (4 years), Robert was responsible for designing audio systems and tools, audio programming, game programming, audio directing, voice recording management (including localization in multiple languages), sound design, composition and ombudsman.

Robert co-founded OMNI Audio in 2002 as CTO. He designed, built and consulted on full audio systems for games, and worked as a consulting audio programmer for major publishers including Microsoft and Sony Online Entertainment on titles such as NHL Rivals, The Agency, Crackdown, Forza Motorsport 4 and Star Wars Kinect. OMNI has shipped over 60 games with 30 different clients. That includes creating and implementing all sound effects and managing speech for 4 versions of Guild Wars, which sold over 6.5 million copies, and acting as Audio Director on the award winning children’s Storybook Weaver series. Robert worked for 7 years on Need for Speed for Electronic Arts, starting with NFS for Sega Saturn to NFS Hot Pursuit 2. NFS has now sold over 100 million copies and generated $3 Billion.

On the business side, he covers finances, bookkeeping, reviewing and writing contracts and bids, IT, as well as being integral to managing projects and the company.

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