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Founder & President at Fuhu

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Mr. Fujioka brings more than 10 years experience in on-line advertising / marketing, branding and Public Relations. Mr. Fujioka has built and sold several advertising and marketing technologies businesses. He has worked with many of the pioneers of the e-marketing arena including Coremetrics, Cable and Wireless, Infonet, DoubleClick, 3D Shopping and BigFoot Interactive.

In 1998, Mr. Fujioka founded Jump Communications, an advertising and public relations firm that created e-campaigns and ad programs for Yonex, Toyota, Porsche, Toto USA, Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox. Jump Communications was one of the first interactive agencies in the web services space to incorporate rich-media email as a retention and direct marketing tool.

In 2001, Mr. Fujioka founded In-Coming, a direct e-mail marketing company that focused on innovative strategic direct e-mail campaigns and the development of IQ Mail. IQ Mail was a direct e-mail platform that could not only track delivery, open and send email but also monitor a user’s click stream within a company’s website. IQ mail pioneered the combination of e-mail and website analytics that included user e-commerce transactional reporting.

Mr. Fujioka also founded Go Anywhere in 2002 which won the rights to deploy city wide Wi-Fi for Hermosa Beach. Go Anywhere offered Wi-Fi broadband access through Wi-Fi mesh networks deployed on city owned light posts.

Go Anywhere also negotiated pole rights with Verizon and AT&T which enabled them to deploy networks in the territories where the carriers are the key encumbents.

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