7 Investments in 7 Companies
April 14, 1979
Los Angeles

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Rob is a social entrepreneur-turned tech CEO, and is well-versed in both spaces. His specialty is teaching entrepreneurs "how to think like a social entrepreneur."

Startup 6: The Mobile Majority, formerly known as PaeDae (AdTech) Mission: Bringing premium brand advertising to mobile Status: Growing Exponentially Funding: Investor Backed, $21 million

Startup 5: BULX, (Flash Sales E-commerce for Durable Goods) Action & Result: Signed exclusive online distribution agreement with Angie’s List (Nasdaq: ANGI), in less than 1 year BULX became the worlds first & largest private sales company for home improvement products. It was acquired by in 2011 Funding: Bootstrapped Lesson: The right team is critical

Startup 4: Boundaryless Brands, (Enterprise E-commerce, Logistics, and Marketing Technology Platform) Action & Result: Built e-commerce and marketing technology for medium sized ($20MM to $120MM) distributors of durable goods. Acquired in 2011 Funding: Bootstrapped, Lesson: Focus on the opportunity, not on control

Startup 3: SpeakerSite (Online Marketplace of Public Speakers) Action & Result: Large adoption, little revenue, three years of 'ramen profitability', ceased operation Funding: Bootstrapped Lesson: Take on a big market with a burning problem, focus on one company at a time

Startup 2.: B.A. Mensch Consulting (Digital Marketing and Technology Consulting) Action & Result: Scaled to seven figure revenue, evolved into next three ventures Funding: Bootstrapped Lesson: Be a good person, treat people right

Startup 1: Road of Life | The Keren Emrich Foundation (Nonprofit, Social Enterprise) Action & Result: Sold car and stocks, built the first online health curriculum in wiki format, scaled to $70M in distribution to over 250,000 children internationally Funding: Stage 1, Bootstrapped; Stage 2, Grew to Government, Corporate, Foundation Grants & Major Gifts Lesson: Meaning trumps everything, do something that matters

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