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President / Founder @ ModelSheet Software

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Dick is a general manager, marketer, stragetist and business analyst who is currently Presidentn of ModelSheet Software, LLC.

As a marketing executive at MathWorks, a $400 million software company, Dick contributed on all 11 management boards for commercial businesses, restructured strategic planning to enable project champions and executives to better evaluate opportunities, and introduced revolutionary business analytics that directly impacted overall revenue and profitability,

As Division GM at Symbolics, he turned around the Macsyma business and raised funding to spin it off as Macsyma Inc., which he ran until its acquisition by a defense contractor.

Dick has worked or consulted in 8 businesses in Fortune 100 companies, including GE HQ and two other GE locations. He served as a consultant at McKinsey, where he received top ratings for his financial analysis, operations analysis, and troubleshooting in R&D management. PhD math-physics (Berkeley), MBA Finance (U Chicago), BS math economics (MIT).

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