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Co-founder & CEO @ Delishery Ltd.
University College London, U. of London

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Richard Lewis Martell, also known as "Rich Martell" or "Dicky M" (born 10 February 1989) is an Internet entrepreneur best known for founding Floxx Media Group and being the creator of FitFinder.

According to sources, Martell started his first internet business, when he was only 15 years old to provide income throughout his education at Bedford School and later University College London. Whilst at University Martell worked in the Technology divisions of a number of investment firms including Goldman Sachs.

Martell launched FitFinder on Friday, 23 April 2010 at 9am; within 6 hours of the site being up it had to be pulled down due to such high demand and abuse. He said the site was intended "just for a few of us to communicate on throughout the day, however word got out at UCL, and after 2 days of it being online, the UCL one alone had over 25,000 unique users." He was quoted later describing his surprise at the popularity of it as it was 'only a joke'.

In May 2010, Martell was given the maximum fine by his university for 'bringing the university into disrepute'. Martell refused to remove the site; however, on May 28, 2010, the website was removed and replaced with a holding page and message signed off by Dicky M citing 'increased pressure' from universities to remove the site. He vowed to bring back a new improved FitFinder for the next academic year.

On 3 January 2011, Martell launched his new business, Floxx. The initial concept of Floxx was based around a mobile app which was similar to FitFinder but with a few subtle differences. It was reported that Martell had initially raised funding from Dragons Den investor, Doug Richard and US super angel Kevin Wall.

In July 2011, Martell announced that Floxx was going to focus on developing ideas that were specifically for use on mobile platforms, especially location based social networks. A few months later, the app MapChat was launched reaching a top 10 ranking in the app store. In October, Martell launched Spottd - a location based social network allowing users to share and discover posts around them.

In early 2012, Martell announced that Floxx would be expanding and launching a digital media agency business as part of the company, thereby drawing from his team's experience with mobile apps, product design and highly scalable websites.

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