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Rich LeFurgy is the former Investor of BookFresh.

He has been a Board Member, Advisor or Investor in over 35 online advertising companies.

Drawing from a 17 year ad agency career in New York (NW Ayer 1978-1995) .

He was Head of Sales at,


The Walt Disney Internet Group,

(,, and 1995-1998).

He was founding Chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (1996-2001) .

He was a Venture Capitalist in San Francisco (WaldenVC 1999-2004) .

Prior to starting advisory firm Archer in 2004. Archer is a multifaceted advisory services company, assisting early stage online media companies by serving on their Board of Directors, completing Advisory projects and proving early stage Investments.

LeFurgy has served on company boards as a Director,

Blue Lithium [sold to Yahoo],

Web Clients [sold to ValueClick] x+1,

Associated Content .

He provided Advisory services to large and small online advertising companies,



Blue Lithium,


Placecast .

He personally invested in promising online advertising startups ,

Ad Relevance [sold to Nielsen NetRatings],

Grouper / Crackle [sold to Sony] ,

Blue Lithium .

He has long been a supporter and evangelist to help grow the industry.

He was the founding Chairman of the IAB, the Future of Advertising Stakeholders (FAST) and the SF Bay Area Interactive Group (SFBIG) .

He has served on the board of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), the Advertising Education Foundation (AEF) and the advisory board of ad:tech.

He received the IAB’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2004) .

He was inducted into Advertising Age’s Interactive Hall of Fame (2000) .

He was recognized by USAToday as “the Johnny Appleseed of Online Advertising” (1998) .

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